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Guild Rules    
Guild Rules

* Age requirement 18+
* No Trolling - Please no Trolling on a
  guilded toon, or Trolling in our guild
* Please be respectful to your fellow
* Please remember the Guild Vault is to
  help guildies, not to completely level a
  profession or sell on the Auction
* Please Respect and be polite to our
* Please do not be rude, or disrespectful
  to anyone in the guild.
* If you are "Accepted" on a guild event
  please be on-time and prepared. If you
  find you can not make it please change
  your status or remove yourself from the
* If you are going to attend a guild event
  please stay for the duration. If you
  know you can not do this let the event
  creator know so they can be prepared
  or if need be replace you.
* Any rules that are broken can result in
  corrective action without any notice or
  explanation. Including but not limited to
  Event Suspension/Ban
  Guild Ejection.

Thank you,
Peripeteia Officers
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Raid Rules    
Guild Raiding Rules

All raids will use these rules.

(1)  You only get 1 main spec roll per raid lockout. This applies only if you win that piece you roll main spec on. If you don't win that piece, you can still roll on a main spec roll till you do win. Main spec is 1-100. If no one wants the item for there main spec roll then it will go to off-spec rolls. You may roll as many times as you want for off-spec rolls. These also are 1-100.

(2)  All BoE gear is classified as Main spec rolls. But you have to equip this item in raid. If no toon in the raid needs this item it will be put into the guild vault be sold on the guild only store.

(3)  If there is a posted raid on the calendar then our GUILD toons should not be in anyone else's raid but our raids. If that person is caught in another raid  on a Guild toon and is now locked out and cannot
go to the guild raid. That person will get a suspension from all raiding for 2 weeks. If that person raids on that toon at all after he or she is warned then he or she be demoted to gladiator. Breaking this rule a third time will result in guild ejection for that toon and all of its alts.  "This does not apply to toons that are already in another guild only toons that are in Peripeteia are to save raid lock outs for our guild runs"
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